JacksonsChameleon.org provides natural history and captive husbandry information on the Jackson's Chameleon. Our mission is to promote understanding of this incredible creature.

Here you will find information both on wild conditions and how to recreate those conditions within your home should you decide to keep a Jackson’s Chameleon. This website is the home of the Kenyan Xanth Project which seeks to make pure Kenyan Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus bloodlines available to US breeders and keepers.

Take a Guided Tour of this website and Jackson's Chameleons!

Start Here with an Introduction to the Jackson's Chameleon!

Dinosaur or dragon? Here we learn about the Jackson’s Chameleon.

Identifying Your Jackson's Chameleon

Are you trying to decide on which Jackson’s Chameleon you would like to get as a pet or even trying to just identify which you have?

Natural History

Whether you are researching for a school project or preparing for a pet, it is critical to understand where Jackson’s Chameleons come from.

Jackson's Chameleons as a Pet

Chameleons are demanding pets and not for everyone. But, for the right keeper who is willing to dedicate themselves, chameleons are an incredible view into another world.

Breeding Jackson's Chameleons

If you are considering breeding your Jackson’s Chameleons it is best to be well prepared.

Kenyan Xanth Project

If you are interested in becoming part of a project to introduce original Kenyan bloodlines into captivity this might be for you.


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