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Which Chameleon Should I Get?

If you are considering a first chameleon, and you are not doing it as an impulse buy, you are probably considering a Veiled Chameleon, a Panther Chameleon, or a Jackson’s Chameleon. Of the three, the Jackson’s Chameleon is the more complicated because of their temperature requirements. Of course, that is the entire reason for this website – to educate about proper Jackson’s Chameleon husbandry!

If you are using this website as research then you are doing exactly what you should! Here is a video that can add to that decision making process. Spoiler alert – if someone is trying to choose what first chameleon to get I recommend a panther chameleon due to the strong breeder support network out there. This website is for the people that have fallen in love with the Jackson’s Chameleon and no other chameleon will do. If this is you then you are among friends here and the right chameleon for you is the Jackson’s chameleon. But that is because you are willing to do what it takes to keep them!

If you are looking for positive chameleon experience and just want the the easiest one then this video will explain the differences between the most common three chameleons (at least in the US market).