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New Book on Reptile Lighting!

FIRE - The Sun: It's Use and Replication Within Reptile Keeping

FIRE by John Courteney-Smith

Fire – The Sun: Its Use and Replication within Reptile Keeping by John Courteney-Smith is now available for purchase. This book packs an enormous amount of information into its pages. Here John goes over what light is, its critical role in reptile health, and then reviews the technologies available to us today to recreate light.

This is a critical book for us as we in the chameleon community are spending a great deal of effort trying to get the UVB/D3 cycle down. This provides the understanding of how light plays into that process. But we also need to acknowledge that there are other benefits that light provides as well.

John Courteney-Smith and Bill Strand

I was honored to be included in the forward with my recommendation which I will reprint here. John Courteney-Smith is a rare researcher that is dedicated to captive husbandry. His books are targeted to give us what we need to succeed and I am grateful that our community has someone like him who tirelessly produces educational content for us.

John and I also discussed his book and the relationship between light and reptile health on podcast episode 98. You can listen to it here!

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