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This whole website has arisen from an undying love for chameleons in a number of people. It started in December of 2017 when I approached Steve McNary of Chameleons International about bringing in some T. jacksonii xantholophus from Kenya. Since Hawaiian imports were so cheap it did not make financial sense, but Steve agreed it was a worthy project and agreed to arrange for the import if at least 100 chameleons could be brought in. It was then that I opened up the opportunity to be part of the Kenyan Xanth Project to the chameleon community. The goal of this project was simply to replace the breeding of Jackson’s Chameleons in the US with original Kenyan blood instead of the inbred Hawaiian bloodlines.

With support from the community, Steve McNary, and the amazing field reporting of Petr Necas, the project was started with an infusion of Kenyan bloodlines in March 2018.

This website is the compilation of all the information necessary to successfully keep and breed any of the subspecies (or species!) in the Jackson’s Chameleon group. Our hope is that, through this availability of information, our community can grow in success of establishing this chameleon in captivity and in awareness of the environment that chameleons inhabit. We are also supporting the Eden Project whose single mission is to plant trees around the world. We love breeding chameleons, but the only true way to help them in the wild is to reverse the destruction of their environment. The Eden Project creates forests. This will save the chameleons.

So take a look around and enjoy the site. If you would like to interact with us regarding Jackson’s Chameleons you can find our Jackson’s Chameleon Facebook group.

Thanks for dropping by!

Bill Strand

Biil with Jackson's Chameleon